Welcome, adventurers to a land filled with magic and wonder where there seems little conflict among the peoples of the world. After centuries of war and battle, the Dragons of the world and the humanoids who feared the creatures came to a peaceful end thanks to two small groups. One side was formed of humanoid adventurers and a clutch of dragons who were not keen over the violence of the past. The dragons convinced the adventurers to speak with them for a time, giving a chance for the young dragons to convince the adventurers that the war was pointless and ravaging the land, the one thing the dragons had begun fighting for when humanoids first started to appear. The Adventurers were surprised to see how cordial the dragons were and began to converse with the dragons in length.

It was not long before the two groups began to create plans so that all of those living in the land could share as much peace as possible. After weeks of negotiations, they finally felt ready to share their plans. At first both sides were skeptical, but it did win a cease fire at the least. It was, of course, first the wise dragons and the wise humanoids that agreed with this plan. Over the next two centuries the two factions slowly fell into the peaceful agreement.

Mostly it was the younger dragons that found ways to incorporate themselves into society, polymorphed or not. Dragons held some positions on the Grand Council, but never held more than the other intelligent non-evil races. The strength of dragons could outclass many of the humanoids, so it was decided that the balance would be to give them only 1/3rd of the seats, which also allowed for each race to have at least one member on the Grand Council as well. The Grand Council became the overarching government body. Every ten years the Grand Council was replaced with new members, often chosen from the local governments of each area, be the government tribal, democratic, or even a kingdom.

Now this world seems at peace, but no matter how well a government is set up, there are those that want to oppose it, evil creatures that hide in the wilds and the bush. The underground just is hidden more carefully since the change, but that also means they can concoct their own plans in deeper secrecy. Will the pact between the races last, or are the species just too different to share the same lands?